Creating my world

 know I create my own reality 111% everything on the outside world is a reflection of inner world.  This is my magical YOUniverse ~ mirrors shining back at me each and every moment…. I believe in paradise on earth ~ I believe heaven is within ~ I believe a belief is just a thought we keep thinking and that our beliefs create our reality….  Therefore we change our thoughts we change our world ~ clearing and cleaning our vibes is one of  the most powerful things we can do at this time here on earth, alongside loving, accepting, forgiving, being with, letting go of, surrendering and simply breathing into anything which no longer serves us ~ just letting it be….   I will trust my own wisdom 111% from this moment on ~ knowing I am guided by divine source, much more powerful than I could ever imagine…. I believe we ALL have this power within us and when we SHINE ~ the light shines from within us and with us!  I continue to follow these words