Consulting possibility!!!

Flight attendants always say — “Once a FA, always a FA.”

That statement is very true.

I ended my position as a FA with a great company. Being 42 I thought it was time to pursue other positions in the Aviation world. I’ve been pondering starting a Consultating Services on how to provide a great VIP experience to the elite in the sky.

Which would include: Culinary and Food Presentation


Sometimes in this industry a corporation will hire a person to be onboard the aircraft to help the guests and serve them, but not call them a “flight attendant” as they do not have the safety certification.
With safety courses for the corporate FA being upwards of $4000 plus for initial, and around $1500 for recurrent each year, company can save money if they don’t ‘require’ the training.

However, in recent years there’s been many small airplane crashes and the horror and the aftermath of what those onboard have gone through is working as a major wake up call to those aircraft owners/corporations.  Safety is not something to be tampered with, and an accident could happen no matter how many people are onboard.
Once something goes wrong, you want that safety trained personnel onboard to be able to guide you and help you to get out of that aircraft. These days more and more corporations that utilize business jets are asking to not only to have these safety certifications but be up to date just like all commercial carriers. reference skygurl7. With all of that being said, you must get  safety training/certification. After all is that achieved by you, I would offer my services :

How to prepare and present meals (Culinary skills).

How to serve a full course meal.

 How to select wines (talking to your local wine merchant about wines is always helpful).

  How to set a formal dinner table


Right now this is all a vision for me. As time progress I will keep you posted on my consulting idea.

Happy Flying







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